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The Rycote HC-15 is a short shotgun microphone with a 3.7″ interference tube that leverages the company’s audio expertise to provide a high-performing, all-purpose solution for location recording, TV/film production, and broadcast work. The electret condenser capsule features sophisticated RF shielding to reduce noise and interference, while its hypercardioid polar pattern reliably attenuates off-axis sound to provide crisp, precise speech and dialog that rivals substantially more expensive models.

The HC-15 can handle sound sources at volumes up to 133 dB SPL when operating on full 48V phantom power. The mic can also run on 24V, but with lowered SPL handling capabilities. The mic offers an extremely low self noise of 8.5 dB and a wide frequency response of 50 Hz to 20 kHz. A travel case is included, while a wide variety of Rycote windshields and mounting accessories are available separately.

Individually fine-tuned back-electret microphone capsule for professional, broadcast-quality sound with a hint of warmth
Hypercardioid polar pattern picks up less unwanted background sound

Compact design
Sophisticated RF shielding
Low power consumption

Active in-line filtering
Fine-tuned mechanical RF shielding
Thoroughly tested against digital wireless systems and walkie talkies

Materials and Construction
Gold-plated Neutrik XLR connector
Preamp made from non-corrosive machined brass with low impedance to ensure best possible and longest lasting RF shielding
Capsule and interference tube made from lightweight machined aluminum
Weight balanced to help keep center of gravity further back for improved handling when using Rycote Lyre shockmounts and slip-on wind protection

Compatible Rycote Windshields
The HC-15 does not include a windshield. Rycote offers several compatible wind reduction options that are available separately:
3.9″ Classic Softie
3.9″ Short Fur Softie
3.9″ SGM Foam
3.9″ Super Softie
NS2-CA Nano Shield Kit
Small Cyclone Windshield
Modular Windshield Kit 2


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